Ewan Kim


The product of two opposing forces. Ewan's fashion design practice is situated in the grey area between right and wrong, function and dysfunctional, desire and antipathy. Combining elements of deconstructed and discarded garments with the elegance in historic and classical silhouettes, he questions the standards of high fashion with deranged, beautiful modern shapes. Powered by the greed for authenticity and an enthusiasm for couture craftsmanship, his vision explores the ethos of showing two intertwined, but contradicting forces.

Design Statement:

Faust, the protagonist of the German legend, known for trading his soul with Mephistopheles, for unlimited knowledge and worldly pleasures. Today the word Faust applies to individuals that sacrifice spiritual values for instant yet fleeting gratifications. The allurement to go against the individual's values and morals has become rudimentary. Whether it be lust, gluttony, greed or pride, the Faust souls burgeon. The collection, FAUST, is inspired by the silhouettes and accessories of the early modern witches and the witch hunts of New England. Utilising a light neutral colour palette of silk, wool and jacquard, garments have been constructed through the manipulating of a mans’ shirt over the female figure. A reimagining of a witch returning from a black sabbath, satiated off the lust and pride of the yestereve, leaving in a hasted yet sublime demeanour.