Freya Plapp


Freya Plapp is a Melbourne based designer who draws inspiration for her designs from the world around her emphasizing the vibrant colors in nature and the intricate shapes and layers of the environment. She creates high-quality garments using unconventional materials that boast eye-catching aesthetics. As a designer, Freya's philosophy centers on creating contemporary, timeless designs that carry a positive ethical impact.

Design Statement:

Tangled is a luxury summer/spring collection, where inspiration blossoms from the environment and vibrant lively colors. Each look in this collection features intricately woven and knotted ropes, reminiscent of the environment's intricate details. The collection features a bold and captivating color palette, including radiant oranges, greens, blues and yellows. These colors harmoniously blend to create a vibrant and captivating aesthetic. Tangled a modern and contemporary aesthetic that effortlessly encapsulates beauty and nature.