Grace Anderson


Grace Anderson, an interior designer, seamlessly blends her fashion design roots with interior aesthetics, creating captivating spaces that resonate deeply. Her approach intertwines contemporary and vintage elements, architectural precision, and organic fluidity, breathing life into her projects. Guided by intuition, she explores materiality, colour, and form, instilling a strong sense of belonging in her designs. Grace excels in evoking emotions, crafting spaces imbued with warmth and exclusivity. Her work transcends mere aesthetics, embodying the power of thoughtful design. Grace’s journey is a continuous exploration, weaving creativity, emotion, and practicality into extraordinary interior spaces, redefining the essence of design.

Design Statement:

Nestled in the tranquil heart of Currumbin Valley, Queensland, is The Calile hotel. The Calile, is Grace’s masterpiece designed for developers Calile Malouf Investments (CMI). Grace’s bespoke design offers an enchanting haven, transcending conventional accommodation to embrace experiential living. With her meticulous selection of finishes, it evokes deep emotions and curiosity, leaving an indelible memory. Furniture transforms into art, adorning every corner with aesthetic marvels, creating an enduring allure. Inspired by the valley’s tranquility, the hotel becomes a warm, welcoming home, inviting guests to immerse in its soulful embrace repeatedly. By ingeniously merging natural elements, functionality, and local essence, this innovative space marries upscale hospitality with the area’s charm.