Gulasel Karataeva


Growing up in a Kyrgyz family and migrating to Australia at a young age, Gulasel has cultivated an identity that aims to fuse diverse cultural influences. This fusion of backgrounds and experiences has become a cornerstone of her design philosophy. Her passion lies in creating designs that not only reflect her unique journey but also resonates with others on an emotional level. Gulasel believes that design should delve beneath superficiality and dive into the intricate layers of individuality. Embracing this belief, Gulasel intertwines various elements of culture, embracing the rich tapestry of her heritage as well as the vibrancy of others. Her drive to blend the old and the new, weaving together colours and textures, creates spaces that evoke genuine connections.

Design Statement:

Introducing an unparalleled escape to Kyrgyzstan's Chunkurchak Valley - a hidden gem of breathtaking beauty. The Boz Hotel, as designed by Gulasel, is a harmonious amalgamation of contemporary luxury and cultural immersion, where architectural glass yurts adorn the majestic landscape and capture the essence of the land and its people. The Boz is journey into Kyrgyzstan's rich and overlooked history. The interiors reflect the deep story of the nation; The artfully blended Turkic and Islamic influences with Soviet-era brutalist echoes, contemporary elements are seamlessly woven in with traditional materiality such as wools, felts and timbers. The colour palette, inspired by the everchanging landscape, reflects hues of earthy greens, reds, sky blues, warm pearls, khaki's and caramels. The Boz Hotel offers a cultural tapestry that celebrates Kyrgyz heritage while embracing modern comfort.