Harry Thu Ta


Harry is an aspiring avant-garde interior designer who also holds a business degree in Leadership & Management & ‘innovation and entrepreneurship’. This educational background adds a strategic dimension to his artistic approach. The focus on innovation and entrepreneurship nurtures his ability to think outside the box, fostering a mindset that constantly seeks new concepts and groundbreaking approaches. Pushing the boundaries of conventional design, he has a passion for the extravagant and experimental with an unapologetically over-the-top design. Organic, circular shapes and flowing lines are his signatures, creating an otherworldly ambiance that blurs the line between reality and fantasy, weaving a sense of fluidity and innovation into every project. Harry’s work transcends conventional boundaries, manifesting as over-the-top, ultra-luxurious interiors that challenge the status quo. His unique vision marries the ethereal with ultra-luxury, crafting interiors that transports you to another dimension of sophistication.

Design Statement:

This project is a ground-breaking dreamscape resort on an the exclusive secluded Voavah Island in the Maldives, where the fantastical becomes tangible. The overarching vision seeks to captivate guests, proffering an immersive dreamscape encounter that harmoniously melds the fabled realm of Atlantis with the tranquil embrace of aqueous surroundings. The resort’s circular architectural configuration stands as a testament to ingenuity, harmoniously interwoven with the island’s pristine natural environs. Its circular design is emblematic of unity and boundlessness, serving as a portal to an alternate dimension. Voavah Island consists of seven buildings outof which three will be at guests disposal with Liminal Reviere being the main focus of this project. Liminal Reviere is primarily characterized by the use of microcement allowing the sculpture of organic forms, with generous expanses of glass to capture the breathtaking vistas of the island. Lustrous metals reflect the awe-inspiring sunsets of Voavah, while sumptuous materials, such as premium leather and opulent fabrics, envelop visitors in a cocoon of comfort. Liminal Reviere’s design ethos embraces avant-garde aesthetics, culminating in an environment that transposes its inhabitants into an alternate reality, an ethereal dreamscape adorned with opulent furnishings, sumptuous materials, and a multitude of pristine water features at its very core.