Henry Goodfellow


Henry Goodfellow has a deep affinity for the craft of the photographic medium. Whether working with 35mm film or digital formats, he chooses the medium that will assist in creating images that harmoniously fuse his affection for fashion, design, and portraiture with the art of intricate natural lighting and styling. Drawing inspiration from both his surroundings and the international fashion scene, henry delves into the depth of the human experience , with a particular emphasis on accentuating the elegance of the human form, through their bodies and their faces. His favourite things include the feeling of paper stocks, the smells of 35mm film, the movement of the body and the marks that every individual leaves on the objects they use.

Design Statement:

This photo series delves into the intricacies of the human form through compositions, tex- tures, and colour. The images express the beauty of movement through flow, form and shape. The colour palette is raw, but rich. Earthy in tone, pops of blue and orange con- trasting with the rawness of earth. The oranges and browns, discordantly contrasting with pale blue, were inspired by recent runway collections and forecasts. This palette provides a stripped back look, complementing the styling choices and ensuring that the shape and form of the body is the focal point of every image. These colours provide a sense of free- dom and expression that aligns to feelings that movement provides.