India McDowell


‘Red Revival’ is a high-fashion, beauty and lifestyle editorial focusing on the recontextualisation of a vintage red MGB 1967 sports car. There is a strong and consistent red colour story throughout the images which explores the allure of the vivid colour through the lens of a sleek classic red car, patent leather shoes and latex high fashion, showcasing the power, passion and style that this vibrant hue evokes in both the automotive and fashion worlds. Each photograph celebrates strength, sophistication, and sensuality, portraying red not just as a colour but as an embodiment of bold individuality and the modern woman. The woman owns the car; this is the underlying narrative throughout the editorial, a bold modern woman.

Design Statement:

India McDowell-Male is a multi-disciplinary creative and aspiring creative director in Sydney, Australia. Her artistic expression stems from a fusion of vintage classics and her own perception of femininity. Her styling medium is the recontextualisation of classic objects and themes through odd pairings and perspectives. Her style can be described as striking, feminine and refined. Her work in producing shoots spans across fashion, beauty, still life, food, interiors, lifestyle and digital design. India is passionate about editorial and image-making, she has always distinguished her work with a strong use of colour, anomaly and her love for classic pieces. Through the realms of beauty, fashion and lifestyle imagery she illustrates her unique perspective. India aims to differentiate her work within the industry with her experience in directing, styling, graphic design and photography to create unique narratives