Isabella Bufe


Isabella is a Melbourne-based designer entering the interior design field with a unique point of view; that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Her design style is committed to organic design and showcasing thoughtful minimalist aesthetics. Ultimately, Isabella strives to enhance the overall experience and purpose-led connection that individuals have with their spaces. Isabella has been exposed at an early age to an enormous array of design, concepts and styles in architecture, art and design that have influenced her passion for interior design. In 2022, Isabella started her interior design journey at Whitehouse where she has been able to dive deeper into more of a personal understanding of her values and passions of design. Highly influenced by fashion and nature, Isabella focuses on the use of organic materials and finishes throughout her work, allowing her to transform spaces into inspiring environments that not only reflect the personality and needs of her clients but also push the boundaries of design innovation.

Design Statement:

Reflecting the heart of nature, The Bay is a beautiful residential country residence located in the centre of the Otway’s, Victoria, on a 350-acre private property. All concepts of The Bay ensure that external elements are represented within the home using natural materials and neutral colour ways that form a relationship back to the land. The brief was to reflect her client's personal style by incorporating lots of natural light, organic forms, and an open floor plan to entertain. The Bay embodies the essence of simplicity and a deep connection with nature. This design encapsulates a vision for creating a calm and harmonious living space that seamlessly integrates with the natural beauty of its surroundings. This getaway home creates a tranquil and uncluttered environment, where every finish aims to delight and contributes to the unparalleled ambience. This minimalist approach will draw focus to the inherent beauty of the land's surroundings.