Isabelle Lowe


Isabelle is a passionate creative, with work spanning across editorial production, graphic design, photography and music. She is dedicated to exploring all facets of the fashion and design industries, and especially inspired by the complexity of the human condition and womanhood. With an innate love for elements of anomaly, colour and an acute attention to detail, Isabelle captures images that show a dedication to her craft. Forming her own design sensibilities, producing work that exists in a relevant and referential space and preparing for her entrance into styling work. Isabelle is ambitious to create a space for herself within the industry and create imagery that is unique and beautiful.

Design Statement:

“Gaîa Magazine” is a fashion and lifestyle editorial body of work capturing abstracted organic forms and textures, luminescence, natural contours and layered transparency. With a focus on symbols, references and elements of femininity, the editorial will harness anomaly and kitsch aesthetics, while highlighting concepts such as trending colour stories, silhouettes and graphics. An experimental collection of images that inspires. With simplicity at heart of the design, it is a celebration of nature in more than one sense. Championing natural beauty, form and texture is vital to the integrity of the body of work. By pairing beauty and fashion with unexpected flora and fauna, a harmonious aesthetic emerges.