Jack Bartholomeusz


Jack is a Melbourne based Fashion Designer who has an avid love for menswear tailoring and quality craftsmanship. Who he is as a designer can be described as his desire to use fashion as a vehicle to connect with people and provide value both through the tactility of the clothing, how the garment converses and interacts with the body; and also the value gained through the discourse that the clothing act as a catalyst for. At the heart of it, Jack’s mission is to create a second skin, not just one that conforms to the body, but bolsters it through hardships while allowing the softness and space needed in times of trepidation and reflection.

Design Statement:

A Uniform Perspective portrays the journey of a person trying to find sincerity in the way that they dress. The collection begins by exploring just how deeply affected the protagonist is by tradition and how that suppression of their visual identity can be suffocating. Through introducing draped elements by adding, and removing structure, the protagonist ponders whether they desire to portray their honest self or idealised self through their evolving sense of dress. Ending with the ruffling, ever present like a scar, but finally controlled by the form of the body. Suggests not only an overcoming of the conflicts that instigated the journey, but also an acceptance that the journey in and of itself is a part of them now.