Jack Dickinson


Jack Dickinson is a young Photographer, Stylist, and Graphic Designer based in Melbourne with a keen interest in Creative Direction. He strings together a minimalistic aesthetic across his work, with monochromatic and neutral palettes expressed through various mixed media. His creative direction is inspired by the world of sport, and the intersectionality with queer culture, which have informed his upbringing and adult life. He is interested in juxtaposing the rugged athletic ideal with the delicate world of high-end fashion, expressing a sense of curiosity through a romantic frame. Known for creating elegant and dynamic content through a whimsical lens, his aesthetic seeks to engage through rich visual storytelling.

Design Statement:

‘Typecast’ is a fashion editorial publication that gives you ringside seats to an exploration of self-expression, tolerance, and overturning gender roles and masculine stereotypes. ‘Typecast’ takes its stylistic cues from the worlds of both boxing and ballet while the strong colour palette, textures, and shapes pay homage to Stephen Daldry’s film, ‘Billy Elliot’. The fluid interplay of dynamics visually challenges traditional roles and celebrates contrasting energies. Drawing on inspiration from youthful aesthetics, playfulness, and athleticism. Highlighting the creative direction and use of mixed media practices such as photography, graphic design, fashion styling, and videography by photographer and stylist Jack Dickinson.