Jacob Yammine


Jacob Yammine is an emerging Interior Designer crafting distinctive spaces using high contrast and strong organic motifs. Influenced by Postmodernism and bold materiality, Jacob integrates undulating lines with maximalist textures and materials to create luxurious and inviting spaces. The juxtaposition of minimalism and eclecticism creates compelling conversations of experience in interior spaces. With a passion for hospitality, Jacob believes that a venue can be more than just four walls, as he pushes design normalities to create new, innovative designs that tell a story and ignite inspiration as well as have an aesthetic appeal.

Design Statement:

The Calile Hotel is an independent resort hotel founded in Brisbane, Australia. Jacob Yammine has designed a go- to destination in the Eastern Suburbs of Coogee Beach by curating the Calile’s first luxury coastal boutique hotel. The brief was to design a coastal boutique hotel that allows for all customers to enjoy their stay and feel relaxed. With multi category rooms available for people to stay and experience. The hotel will be designed based on beautiful Mediterranean architecture as undulating curves and arches ways will allow the people to be immersed in the experience. By using high luxury materials of travertine, marbles, hardware paired with Mediterranean materials such as broken stone paving, lime wash and terracotta will create a harmony of both worlds.