Jami Erskine


Jami Erskine is a master of minimalist marvels, seamlessly blending fashion styling and photography. Her work embodies simplicity and subtlety, weaving minimalism into avant-garde creations. In a world of excess, her designs stand as purposeful and weighty statements. Guided by an affinity for the unconventional, Jami adds subtle eccentricities that provoke thought. These anomalies aren’t disruptions but revelations, emphasising that beauty often emerges unexpectedly. As a fashion stylist, Jami honours clean lines and precision. Through her lens, she captures stylised narratives, unraveling each frame’s enigma. Her art resonates with those who find profundity in simplicity, creating a sanctuary where anomalies breathe life into serenity.

Design Statement:

“Eclair” is a captivating editorial that seamlessly blends the world of bakery elements with beauty and fashion, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. This visual journey explores a neutral palette inspired by sweet treats, textures reminiscent of pastries, and makeup artistry drawn from cake decoration. Models adorned in fashion mirroring bakery textures create a sensory-rich experience. The editorial celebrates the charm of simplicity, conveying that beauty and elegance can be found in everyday pleasures. “Eclair” inspires the viewers to elevate their style by finding glamour in the unassuming, offering a feast for the senses and an unforgettable visual delight.