Jennifer Doan


Jennifer Doan, Stylist and Photographer, aspiring Creative Director, she is inspired by her diverse cultural upbringing that has informed her unique eye for design. Commencing her career with experience in art forms such as painting, drawing and sculptural ceramics. Her work explores the visual communication of societal and philosophical concepts derived from her own Vietnamese heritage as well as references to nature. She is well recognised for her use of bold colours and organic forms, creating surrealist driven, playful amalgamations of reality and fantasy. Jennifer’s interest in the way things work, whether be in nature or in societal constructs and the human psyche saw her pursue opportunities in design and art to communicate her visions on these ideologies. “The drive for my practice in design stems from an intuitive need to communicate and share my ways of seeing, while taking my observations of my surroundings and turning it into a world which I see familiar and beautiful.”

Design Statement:

‘KUNST’ is a beauty and fashion editorial that explores self discovery, dissecting themes of perception and vulnerability. The layout of each spread, mirrors the stages of self discovery, in which individuals grapple between the tensions of conforming to the perception of others and finding oneself. The creative direction of the editorial focuses on styling to tell a story and reflect the experience of the individual. Inspired by Alexander Mcqueen’s AW1998 collection, the styling employs implicit and explicit references to ‘armour’, sometimes literally, through the adornment of spikes in accessories and makeup. Where other implicit references will be presented in the form of rough and sturdy textures such as leather or latex. The silhouettes play a vital role in presenting the individual as either defensive, strong or vulnerable. Furthermore, a bold and eccentric colour palette is employed to portray the chaotic, tumultuous yet exciting journey of self discovery achieved through fashion. ‘KUNST’ is created through the mediums of styling, photography, graphic design, video making, illustration, concept development, casting and set design all done by Jennifer Doan.