Jesscia Virk


Jessica Virk is a Melbourne-based fashion designer who enjoys experimenting with various fabrication and construction techniques. Virk has always liked the notion of mixing and matching as a designer. The unusual combination of two entirely distinct clothing in one costume has piqued people’s curiosity in her design. Virk emphasizes revisiting conventional silhouettes and experimenting with their shape and posture, as well as experimenting with 3D design by developing new modern items using standard formal and couture processes. She received the Australian Woolmark Grant during her final year. Virk was also fortunate to have her Graduate design collection included in Melbourne Fashion Week Student Runway 2023 and be one of the top five student award recipients. Further toping it off by winning the Fashion on the Field Emerging Designer Award 2023.

Design Statement:

'The Median’ is a radical capsule collection that takes inspiration from Architect Zaha Hadid, who questions the usage of historical structural elements and formats them into radical designs based on experiences and rationality. Coherently the collection expresses an appreciation for mix and matching celebrating the odd juxtaposition of two entirely different pieces in one full composition. Through the placement of broad hips, enhanced silhouette features, and layering, the capsule demonstrates the use of structure throughout each of its forms. The collection aims to help the wearer stand out from the crowd to progress beyond their everyday essentials of generic clothing items such as pants, shirts, and jackets, and to make them feel more remarkable.