Joie Entote


Joie Entote, a stylist, photographer, and aspiring creative director, made the move to Sydney to pursue her long-time dream of a career in design earlier in 2022. Back home, she comes from a tightly knit Chinese family and was brought up among modernised traditional culture which has inspired her personal style and mindset. Developing interests in multiple areas of design, her best work has been found to be in food, fashion, interior, and lifestyle photography as well as pencil-based illustrations. Joie has spent most of her life under the Philippine sun and translates this love of light into all of her projects; playing with different angles of lighting and communicating depth through shadows and highly detailed shots has always been key elements for her. Always grateful for where she comes from, Joie credits and dedicates all of her work to the most supportive family one will ever know. This sense of groundedness intertwined with her current yet cultural flair are what set her apart from her peers.

Design Statement:

Driven by deep-rooted ties and the colour red, GENESIS is a fashion and lifestyle editorial that features new Chinese style and combines this with traditional elements and organic shapes to tell a contemporary story of heritage. Playing between concepts of surrealism and simplicity, this piece celebrates a fusion of Joie's personal appreciation of the rich customs she comes from with the towering role that China plays in today’s luxury lifestyle landscape. Highlighting a sense of elegance and power throughout its pages, GENESIS shares a similar objective with emerging young creatives— to globalise modern East Asian style and culture.