Joy Gikonyo Graham


Joy Gikonyo, a versatile creative designer is gaining recognition for her unique blend of Afrocentric art and contemporary style. Drawing inspiration from her Kenyan heritage, Joy creates visually stunning pieces that tell compelling stories. Trained at the Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia, Joy has a versatile approach, excelling in, Styling, Photography, Graphic Design,Videography, and Creative Direction. Her international debut in Kingston, Jamaica, highlights her ability to transcend cultural boundaries. Joy’s art reflects her bold spirit, deep-rooted passion, and dedication to crafting exceptional and meaningful visuals. Through her creativity, she invites viewers on a captivating journey, celebrating the beauty of diversity and heritage.

Design Statement:

Collection Statement...This fashion editorial, titled “Hair Me Now” intricately delves into the rich legacy of African braiding. Inspired by the artistry of traditional protective hairstyles, the editorial artfully captures the essence of cultural pride and identity. Through skilled photography, styling, meticulously designed hairpieces, creative creation of layouts and graphics achieved by Joy Gikonyo Graham, it weaves a visually compelling narrative. The objective is to evoke deep emotional resonance, celebrating the profound significance of these heritage practices. Merging contemporary fashion with authentic tradition, the editorial aims to immerse viewers in a poignant journey, fostering a profound connection to the vibrant tapestry of African heritage.