Kailee Waller


Kailee Waller,is a budding creative, photographer and stylist, shaped largely by her upbringing along the south coast. As a result of her upbringing she has cultivated a distinct design approach, characterized by a calm, clean aesthetic. Kailee's work is suggestive of a world beyond the frame; it invites viewers to explore the vastness of the outdoors and forge a connection with nature. Her compositions seamlessly integrate elements of outdoor scenery and thus evoke a sense of calmness, comfort and familiarity. Through her lens, Kailee invites viewers to embrace the tranquility of the world she sees, encouraging a journey into the serene and captivating realms she creates.

Design Statement:

'Solace,' a lifestyle editorial, that delves into the concept of comfort and consolidation through the lens of water. The project navigates emotion of solace, evoking feelings of calmness and familiarity that resonate with the audience's own experiences and memories. By seamlessly blending in-studio and location shoots, the elemental essence of water is captured through mesmerizing images of droplets and splashes. The dynamic relationship between humanity and water is further explored, featuring scenes of wetsuits, swimwear, skincare, surfing, and the allure of both oceans and pools. 'Solace' is a visual journey that transcends the tangible, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a world of emotional connection and aquatic beauty.