Katie MacDonald


Katie MacDonald is a young Creative based in Melbourne, with an interest in photography and illustration. Katie has the ability to infuse her creations with a touch of rural charm, transporting viewers to a world that resonates with simplicity, authenticity, and nostalgia. She grew up in regional Victoria, taking an interest in illustration and sustainable design practises from a young age. Surrounded by the tranquility and natural beauty of her surroundings, she developed a profound appreciation for the countryside's aesthetic nuances. This appreciation not only informs her creative process but also imbues her work with a genuine and heartfelt connection to her roots. By highlighting the obscure, she invites her audience to embrace a new perspective and discover beauty in unexpected places.

Design Statement:

‘Thirty Five Six’ is an editorial comprised of both micro and macro landscape photography and illustration exploring the suburb and youth culture of Brunswick, Victoria. The editorial will consist of three main objectives in its photography and illustration; Unveiling the Venues: The photography captures the electrifying atmosphere of live music venues, intimate cafes, and street art-adorned bars focusing on colour, texture and quirk. Unmasking the Streets: Brunswick’s streets are an ever-evolving canvas of expression. Gritty and evocative high contrast photography will showcase the evolving streets. Celebrating the Community: In the heart of this suburb lies a tight-knit community that thrives on inclusivity and diversity. Through intimate portraits and candid shots, we introduce you to the faces and personalities that shape the heart of Brunswick.