Latisha Aldag


Latisha Aldag, a Sydney-based fashion designer, is known for her innovative interpretations of nature’s abstract elements. Her expertise lies in custom digital prints, developed from her own original imagery, and employing graphic design techniques. She excels in the manipulation of various textiles, including denim, wool and leather. Latisha has a wide-ranging interest in various fashion markets. Her specialties allow her work to remain versatile and relevant in today’s ever-evolving society. At the heart of her design philosophy is the belief that everything originates from the Earth. Her work is a testament to the complete product life cycle, drawing continuous inspiration from the natural world.

Design Statement:

Naturalixs envisions fashion that coexists with nature sustainably. As inspiration, the range collects from original imagery deriving from whats washed ashore. This concept explores the captivating silhouettes and textures found within seashells and anemone, translating them into innovative garments suitable for contemporary and creative fashion. Each piece embodies the balance between organic aesthetics and refined tailoring techniques. Naturally occurring materials play a pivotal role in this range, focusing on sustainability and ethical practices. Utilizing a majority of organic textiles, responsibly sourced fabrics, and eco-friendly production methods, the garments support a blend of comfort, durability, and individual style. By seamlessly integrating natural materials with intricate design elements, Naturalixs advocates for a more conscious and environmentally aware fashion industry. The collection breaks traditional fashion boundaries, empowering individuals to embrace their sensuality while maintaining a professional demeanour. Naturalixs introduces tailored silhouettes infused with original prints, denim, leathers, wool and wool blends. This fusion creates a captivating juxtaposition of masculinity and feminity, allowing wearers to exude confidence and delicacy in any setting. Receiving the $1,500 grant from the Australian Wool Education Trust (AWET) for the collection underscores wool’s profound connection with water and the ocean. Wool, being a sustainable fibre, not only serves as a nod to this relationship but also exhibits its eco-friendly characteristics by being biodegradable both on land and in water.