Lauren Towler


Lauren is a Sydney based stylist, photographer and aspiring creative director. With a background in philosophy, Lauren’s work is characterized by its strong conceptual and introspective nature. Exploring playful, otherworldly aesthetics, she delves into themes of identity, examining concepts such as the self, performativity, and fluidity. By incorporating anomaly, strong use of colour and shape, and elements that evoke curiosity, Lauren’s work aims to stimulate contemplation by reimagining, manipulating, or elevating the ordinary.

Design Statement:

‘In Motion’ is a forecast colour story that explores both current and future trends in fashion and lifestyle. Central to these trends are themes of personal transformation and self-discovery. As we venture forward, the tone of design is shifting to become increasingly reflective, imaginative, and self-expressive, influenced by sustainable thinking and cutting edge technologies. By incorporating textural contrasts, anomaly, and forecast colours, ‘In Motion’ serves as a visual commentary on the trends shaping our world, anchored in themes of transformation, self-exploration, and “dressing up.”