Lili Ramundi


Lili Ramundi is a stylist and aspiring creative director from Sydney, Australia. Having established a subversive aesthetic, she challenges conventional norms in the world
of fashion and design. She is a multidisciplinary creative with a background in art direction, styling, photography and graphic design. Lili’s innovative approach to her craft is often explored through anomaly and contradiction.

Design Statement:

Exploring the beauty in duality - a place where opposing forces converge. This project unites contradictory elements and delves into the synergy between them with an intense and subversive nature. It dives into distinct editorials, each characterised
by contrasting styling, settings, and concepts: the timeless clash of old and new, the interplay of masculine and feminine, and the dynamic fusion of sporty and formal. By merging high and low culture, this project seeks to bind together a new audience and diverse communities. Additionally, as you flip through the pages, you’ll be immersed in a high-energy visual journey with vibrant text, energetic illustrations, and dynamic imagery, where the collision of opposites gives birth to something out of the ordinary, celebrating the beauty within the chaos.