Lillia Warner


Lillia Warner is an emerging visual designer and photographer based in Sydney. Her creative vision began with her studies in Art History, where the visual culture and artistic movements support her design approach. Lillia utilises her creative narratives that span across styling, photography, illustration and graphic design. Her unique perspectives merge classical aesthetics with contemporary design. Lillia’s design approach is distinguished through texture, anomaly, colour and her passion for art. It is through these harmonious elements that she strives to create work that evoke both a visually captivating and a creative approach in her design.

Design Statement:

‘Sculpt’ is an editorial to the world of sculpture, with particular focus on the classical period. The period stands as an enduring source of inspiration, characterised by its profound respect for the aesthetics of the human form and craftsmanship. ‘Sculpt’ transcends the aesthetic of the classical age by focusing on the timelessness and modernity. ‘Sculpt’ captures the elegance of the classical period, integrating elements of fashion, texture and form, emphasising the sculptural drapery and pose. Additionally, ‘Sculpt’ merges photography, fashion, illustration and graphic design with sculpture to establish a conceptual link between the craftsmanship and aesthetic from the classical period.