Logan Vulin


Logan Vulin is a stylist and a photographer having moved from a vineyard in regional Victoria to Melbourne, in an effort to explore his passion within fashion photography and advertising in a fast paced new and elevated enviorment. Logan is known for his work in fashion photography having excelled at photographing male models, in a minimalist black and white aesthetic which inevitably became staples in Logan's formulae. Logan often draws inspiration from challenging the idea of traditional gender specific sterotypes by photographing masculine men, in a more feminine style to contribute to the exposure of genderless fashion. During Logan's studys at the whitehouse institute of design melbourne Logan was awarded a student award during the second trimester.

Design Statement:

“Trophy” by Saint Laurent, is a fashion editorial campaign, and will tell the story of a young sophisticated yet chic trophy husband in his natural enviorment. “Trophy” by Saint Laurent, will put a modern and fresh twist on the traditional gender specific sterotype of a “trophy” wife and will explore the idea of gender role reversal with the concept being a young, sophisticated yet chic “trophy” husband diving into his interests of socialising through dinner parties, shopping and tennis matches.“Trophy” by Saint Laurent, will incorporate dinner looks paired with dirty martini’s (the drink of choice for a trophy husband) and tennis inspired looks.“Trophy” by Saint Laurent, will elevate the idea of tennis with customized tennis racquets adorned with the YSL logo’s paired with matching saint laurent tennis balls to fit with the sophisticated aesthetic of Saint Laurent. “Trophy” by Saint Laurent, will be achieved by utilising skills of photography, videography, styling, model and location scouting, illustration and editing by Logan Vulin.