Madeline McCormick


Madeline McCormick is a Sydney based creative with skills that span across photography, styling, and creative direction. With a background that includes contributions to visual merchandising at Zimmermann and tutoring textiles students, Madeline’s skills are woven with diverse experiences. Her creative passion finds expression in editorial and digital design, where she crafts captivating visual stories. Madeline is an avid admirer of high fashion and is known for her distinctive approach to fashion photography, characterised by anomalies, colour and strong visual narratives.

Design Statement:

Decadent is a fashion editorial that explores the rich history between fashion and sailing. This editorial beautifully captures the symbiotic relationship between sailboats and fashion, drawing inspiration from the graceful shapes of sails and the streamlined designs of boats. Decadent invites the audience to embark on a picturesque journey aboard a famous Australian classical yacht, providing glimpses into the luxurious sailor lifestyle.