Madison Rice


Madison is a Sydney-based designer entering the Interior design field with a unique point of view, wishing to connect with individuals through her creativity and expressive designs. Madison’s work is informed by her design values of form, function, and contrast, allowing her to create conceptual and meaningful spaces that not only respond to the client and their vision but reflect her personality and flare. Highly influenced by art and maximalism, Madison focuses on the use and implementation of elements of line and shape throughout her work, allowing her to manipulate the atmosphere of a space to create the desired mood and story overall. Madison prides herself on her attention to detail and ability to take risks and step outside her comfort zone when designing. Ultimately, Madison strives to enhance the overall experience and connection individuals have with interior spaces.

Design Statement:

Tanderra means resting place - a cozy familiar pub, fire crackling, echoes of laughter, the smell of a roast dinner. Be transformed into a warm, welcoming space after a long, drive, hike or day of sightseeing. Tanderra will be a place for families to have a good meal, old friends to catch up and have a beer or stay the night or two in the upstairs suites after a long day taking on the Aussie bush. The interior design aims to create a bright, welcoming pub filled with dark woods, warm dim lighting and comfortable lounge seating to create a cozy and inviting ambiance. The traditional polished wood bar with marble features creates a touch of luxury which is further complemented by the bright colours and patterns within the space. The interior includes spaces to dine or relax by a fireplace and rooms for patrons to stay with ensuites and an outdoor beer garden.