Makayla Vanthavong


Makayla Vanthavong is a Sydney-based multi-disciplinary creative, driven and inspired by the imaginative realms, stemming within her childhood. With her love for mystery and thriller fiction, coupled with a deep connection towards nostalgia and inner child healing, her works confront her past, present and future self, and the world that surrounds her, through merging both mature, yet child-like motifs. Makayla’s works continue to challenge social norms, pushing new boundaries of artistic and self-expression. Makayla utilises unconventional concepts, illustrations, styling, photography and digital curation to showcase her unique and distinctive style. She aims to create a safe space for herself and for others; a realm of individuality and expression.

Design Statement:

“Paracosm,” a beauty and fashion editorial, delves into the intrinsic journey of self-discovery through the lens of my childhood self. It follows the narrative of three imaginative realms and characters, which are driven by my childhood creativity, exploring existential questions of emotional fulfilment, purpose and existence. This trend story captures the essence of the recurring mermaidcore, utilising the wet, sleek look, rhinestones, and sheer garments. Through the use of photography, digital editing and manipulation, and illustration, this editorial conveys new, altered perceptions of water and reflections. It invites the audience into a realm that is both creative and emotionally resonant- a safe space for individuals to discover peace and serenity within their own imagination.