Matthew McPherson


Sydney based fashion designer bringing classic archetypes into contemporary silhouettes From a young age, Matthew has always taken an interest in the art of making.Whether it be Music, Carpentry, Art or Film, they have always been driven by craftsmanship and fine detailing. Matthew has curated a personal design philosophy conveyed through organic textures and raw silhouette. Androgyny is the foundation of Matthews practice with gender neutrality and universally flattering garments integral to the ‘August’ brand. As Matthew grows within the design industry they aim to place androgyny within the market in a way which is accessible and digestible.

Design Statement:

As fashion and design grow and emerge into the new age, it is important to acknowledge the ever changing factors of our world and create new and sustainable ways to adapt fashion. Combining the sophistication of suiting with the utility of workwear and tactical inspired garments offer a juxtaposition of traditional and new age of design. Reinforced Construction is inspired by the creation and utilization of alternative methods such as recycling fabrics, patchworking, using second hand fabrics or pieces that would otherwise be thrown out. I have conveyed this through the use of old coffee bags not only making for interesting texture, but allowing my garments to be compostable to minimize wastage.