Mineth Fonseka


Mineth Fonseka is a designer whose creative essence is deeply rooted in culture and tradition. Raised in a culturally rich environment, his creations reflect a deep appreciation for customs and traditions. Through his designs, Mineth weaves stories of heritage, celebrating the beauty of diversity. With an innate passion for the intersection of heritage and modernity, Mineth employs a unique approach to subvert and communicate traditional elements in a contemporary context. His design philosophy centers on the seamless fusion of cultural aesthetics with a modern twist, creating a harmonious dialogue between the past and the present. Through innovative prints and couture design techniques, Mineth Fonseka breathes new life into traditional motifs, exploring the beauty of cultural heritage in a modern and dynamic way.

Design Statement:

With roots in Sri lankan mythology “Salvation/ Bhairava” explores traditional motifs of disease and ailment through vivid and unorthodox prints juxtaposed against elegant silhouettes. This collection highlights 4 diseases of the “daha ata sanniya” myth and brings them to life through eerie prints and highlights them in a contemporary light through unique materials. The inception of this collection was born from the aspiration to infuse tradition and mythology into the realm of design. Initially, Mineth embarked on a journey to interpret these myths through garment silhouettes. However, soon realized that these intricate narratives found their truest expression through the art of print design.