Misha Black


Misha Black is an emerging fashion designer who specialises in translating hand-made textures and fabrications into streetwear. She aims to create androgynous ready-to-wear with an emphasis on textile sustainability. Inspired by her Japanese heritage, her work is intricately detailed, interweaving organic shapes and patterns. The garments are ethereal in texture and fabrication but edgy in silhouette and hardware. Misha experiments with denim, a fabric with a long history in workwear, manipulating it into something with fluidity and delicacy. Her designs push the boundaries by transforming streetwear silhouettes into highly detailed unique fashion garments.

Design Statement:

The tide lowers and heightens, waves form and crash, the ocean pushes and pulls; endless impermanence. Nature’s intent will always conquer. How naive and egotistical we must be to think we have reign over the Earth. We are powerless at nature’s mercy and yet we continue disrespecting it. The Earth is decaying and we shall decay with it. The collection, Waning Sea, explores this concept. Using a series of symbols which are derived from various oceanic textures and occurrences, this collection explores the complexity of cosmic insignificance in the face of nature’s power.