Moesha Pina


A storyteller at heart, Moesha Pina is a Photographer who shows interest in Creative Direction, harnessing authenticity as her guiding force. From a vibrant family tapestry, she cultivates empathy, drawing strength from diverse experiences. Balancing personal interactions and the digital age, Moesha weaves tradition with technology, forging innovative pathways. Embracing her true self, Moesha crafts narratives that transcend boundaries, driven by a relentless quest for connection, self- expression and societal impact. With roots in heritage and eyes on the horizon, she navigates the creative landscape transforming moments into enduring artistic legacies.

Design Statement:

Heart of Gold explores the the power of divinity in women and what that looks like in todays modern society. Through non conventional forms, embark on a journey that celebrates femininity in all its glory and the relationship of maternal power in contradiction to its traditional counter parts. Historically, woman's divinity has often been confined to traditional roles. However contemporary society recognises that divinity transcends these stereotypes. Through this lens analyse the tension between tradition and modernity, and how these archetypes simultaneously inspire and challenge women who seek balance in their inner faith and desire for self-determination. Inspired by a plethora of influences. The project calls on references from films like Eiichi Yamamotos 1973 ‘Belladonna of Sadness’ in its exploration of womanhood. Alongside Moesha’s personal interactions as a woman within todays society and her ties to traditions as a POC of East Timorese and Portuguese decent. Conceptualised, sourced, styled and photographed by Moesha her discipline explores these themes through the lens of her gaze.