Molly Davies


Molly Davies is an emerging stylist and photographer based in Sydney, Australia. Her skills extend from photography and styling to digital design, illustration, and videography. Her creative experience includes producing fashion, beauty, food and lifestyle editorials, each reflecting her passion for bright colours and organic shapes, while maintaining the lighthearted and playful mood her work is known for. Molly is fascinated by colour and their relationships, and how they can be used to tell stories and evoke emotions. She has always had a deep appreciation for art and design, an appreciation which ultimately led her to apply for Whitehouse Institute of Design’s Creative Direction and Styling course where she has since honed her skills as a designer.

Design Statement:

‘HUE.’ is an editorial that explores a graphic colour story through fashion, beauty, and furniture. As an editorial, ‘HUE.’ explores colour relationships; each image is a unique, colourful fragment contributing to a harmonious whole. Photography and illustrations further the exploration by portraying a young woman expressing herself through bold, playful ensembles, accentuated by statement accessories and bold hair and beauty. ‘HUE.’ aims to unveil an enthralling journey into the ever-evolving landscape of fashion and beauty, where dynamic colour relationships intertwine with expressive personal style.