Mpho Phohleli


Mpho Phohleli dwells in the realm of fantasy and draws inspiration from sci-fi, art, and music. Her curated designs are a signature standout featured throughout her interiors filled by her art background. Drawing from her upbringing in Lesotho and moving to Australia at a young age. She orchestrates bespoke spaces with a vibrant fusion of bold patterns, rich colours, and artistic touches, Mpho ensures that each space becomes a true reflection of its inhabitant. Incorporating African culture in a contemporary way is iconic to Mpho’s brilliant portfolio of interiors and artfully designed custom furniture. Crafting artistic unusual and imaginative interior spaces that hold character is a passion of Mpho’s as well and visual storytelling is considered throughout her designs to embrace individuality, community, and culture while always aiming for functionality. At the forefront she challenges traditional ideas, pushing the boundaries of interior design. Her vision offers a glimpse into an innovative, yet welcoming future where interior spaces become canvases for artistic expression and imagination.

Design Statement:

In the pursuit of crafting an immersive lodge in Lesotho, "MOKO" blends Afro-Futurism with traditional design, this endeavour celebrates nature as the heart of the living experience, intertwining sustainability and cultural homage. Each villa-pod has sustainable living in mind, reducing environmental impact by using reclaimed materials, Repurposed elements, and locally sourced and organic materials as well as renewable energy. while serving as a canvas that magnifies Lesotho's scenic beauty, wildlife, and local festivities. The Villa-pods along with the redesign of the restaurant bar’s interior on site. The intent is to craft a transcendent space that invites global explorers to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Lesotho's landscape and heritage, fostering a harmonious coexistence between humanity and nature. Through the use of a vibrant and warm range of colours and bold custom-made patterns with a range of textures throughout the design. MOKO artfully merges the essence of Afro-futurist and traditional design in an engaging and interesting way.