Natasha Velkovski


Natasha Velkovski is an aspiring Creative Director and accomplished Photographer based in Sydney. Her meticulous artistry paints a galaxy of graphics, colour, shape, texture and anomaly into captivating narratives. Nights spent on Cronulla's shores, under the expansive sky adorned with the stars and moonlight, would later inspire her creative journey, infusing her work with a profound fascination for the celestials. Natasha’s strength and passion for graphic design and digital media is evident throughout her work, allowing her to create immersive and mesmerising compositions across a diverse range of projects. Delve into her work of visuals at @bynatashavelkovski, on Instagram and

Design Statement:

Step into ‘COSMOS’ and allow your curiosity to delve into its alluring energy of captivating imagery, exploring our society’s endless fascination with the future. Embark on an imaginative odyssey that seamlessly intertwines outer space realms with crystalline landscapes. This visionary editorial invites individuals to journey beyond the boundaries of the known, offering a glimpse into a future that shimmers with possibilities and ignites the spirit of exploration, immersing yourself through beauty, fashion and lifestyle. The profound significance of crystals reflects a renewed interest in the COSMOS, symbolising their spiritual essence alongside their luxurious appeal. Embracing a futuristic colour palette, featuring metallic chrome hues interwoven with shades of pink, blue, purple and red, the editorial captures the essence of the current runway trends and a new Space Age.