Nicola Mularczyk


Nicola Mularczyk is an emerging womenswear designer from Coastal NSW, currently based in Melbourne. With an impressive blend of creativity and craftsmanship, Mularczyk has blended together time-honored menswear tailoring techniques and exquisitely feminine contours, resulting in a captivating juxtaposition that defines her unique design ethos. In her pursuit of innovation, Nicola incorporates a myriad of leather manipulation methods. These artistic pieces not only introduce visually intriguing elements but also imbue her creations with a rich tactile dimension, elevating her designs to a level of multi-sensory allure.

Design Statement:

Patriarchy at Play is a womenswear collection that draws inspiration from the empowering legacy of feminist figures throughout history. The collection pays homage to historical feminist icons such as the suffragettes, who tirelessly fought for women's right to a political opinion and education, along with more modern-day feminists. The collection embraces the essence of power dressing by incorporating traditional menswear fabrications such as wool and leather. By combining the strength and authority of menswear fabrics with innovative leather manipulations fused together with ultra-feminine silhouettes, the collection aims to reignite power dressing for the modern woman.