Niki Sade Kebriti


Niki Sade Kebriti is a multifaceted creative based in Sydney, who has enjoyed an avid career as a creative stylist for brands such as MCM Home and IRO Paris. After studying interior design and decoration, Sade transitioned her creative background to the realm of creative direction and styling. Her work spans styling projects that include interiors, art, food and fashion, which draws inspiration from travel, her garden and architecture. Sade is known for her love of finding beauty in ordinary objects, and for producing quality work that juxtaposes contemporary and vintage to architectural and organic forms.

Design Statement:

‘Gilded,’ by Sade, is an editorial concept that merges interiors, fashion, and art into a seamless celebration of opulence and nature. The editorial’s focal point is the juxtaposition of sumptuous gold elements against the backdrop of a garden setting. The fusion of luxury and natural surroundings sparks curiosity and intrigue, challenging traditional norms and elevating daily routines into statements of style. Interiors within ‘Gilded’ serve as a masterclass in blending eras and aesthetics. Inviting a tranquil narrative that also draws its strength from the poetic interplay of light and space. ‘Gilded’ brings luxury down to earth, ushering in a trend that marries extravagance with the everyday. The editorial captures a moment where nature and refinement coexist, inviting us to bask in the luminous charm of the golden world Sade has meticulously crafted.