Paisley Piper


Paisley Piper is an Aboriginal Tasmanian from Lutruwita (Tasmania) based in Naarm (Melbourne). Her design journey has been profoundly influenced by her personal philosophy, inspired by the French philosopher Michel Serres' book "The Natural Contract." She believes in a symbiotic utopia where humans and nature coexist, with each giving as much as they take. This philosophy forms the core of her work in interior design, where she merges biophilia and biomimicry principles to create spaces that seamlessly integrate nature in innovative ways. Her designs not only enhance living environments but also give back to nature, reflecting her commitment to sustainable practices and deep respect for her heritage. Additionally, Paisley is dedicated to crafting spaces that mirror her admiration for mid-century design. During the mid-century period, environmental activism was on the rise, closely aligning with her own values, all of which are artfully represented in her designs.

Design Statement:

Tahune Linah is Paisley’s ground breaking project for the Tasmanian Education Department dedicated to creating an educational retreat that seamlessly blends First Nations teachings with a symbiotic utopian philosophy. This triple story dwelling situated on sacred indigenous land embraces midcentury design elements, infusing the space with timeless elegance, while prioritising natural material choices for sustainability. Tahune Linah seeks to foster a deep connection between humanity and the environment, all while imparting invaluable knowledge to Australian schools and institutions about the Indigenous heritage of Lutruwita (Tasmania). Paisley’s design endeavours to facilitate appreciation for both indigenous culture and nature for generations to come. Tahune Linah paves the way for sustainable, culturally-enriching spaces that honour the spirit of harmonious coexistence with the natural world.