Phillipa Signorelli


Phillipa Signorelli is an emerging Sydney-based fashion designer. Her designs showcase a distinct aesthetic that is bold yet elegant. She constantly pushes the boundaries of conventional fashion, constructing garments with an artistic touch that captivates the imagination and encourages the wearer to feel their most confident. Phillipa is passionate about highlighting avant-garde silhouettes and bringing fashion to life through her vivid, multi-dimensional and sculptural designs, which exude a strong feminine essence and energy. With her unwavering dedication to creating quality pieces, she possesses an acute attention to detail. Phillipa was a successful recipient of an AWET (Australian Wool Education Trust) grant for her final graduate collection. She was a top 10 finalist for the 2023 Melbourne Cup Carnival Fashions on the Field Emerging Designer Award in partnership with the VRC and Vogue Australia. More recently, she earned recognition at the 2023 Fleece to Fashion Awards, receiving the Developing Designer Encouragement Award for exceptional design promise.

Design Statement:

BLOOM explores the relationship between the natural world and the manmade: the creative collision of nature, art, and architecture. The collection focuses on being high fashion, innovative, and sustainable, with the silhouettes and features of the garments heavily influenced by the inner beauty of flowers and the structural elegance of architecture. A range of wool fabrics such as crepe, gaberdine and worsted wool have been used consistently throughout the collection. Wool is biodegradable, and its production has a low environmental impact. This makes it sustainable and eco-friendly, aligning seamlessly with the collection’s focus on nature. BLOOM has a fresh and blossoming feel, aiming to immerse the wearer in a realm that merges architectural shapes, intricate textures, and vivid colours to create a harmonious fusion of elegance, edge, and movement. The collection explores how being in nature allows us to detach from the chaos of reality and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us.