Phoebe Burgess


Sydney fashion designer Phoebe Burgess is passionate about exploring colour, patterns, and feminine silhouettes. She sees fashion as a canvas for individual expression and emotion. With skill, she combines unique colours and intricate patterns, making a lasting impact on her creations. Phoebe’s designs celebrate the female form, instilling confidence and a sense of beauty. Inspired by nature and art, she aims to redefine traditional fashion with her captivating vision.

Design Statement:

Découpage combines innovation and tradition, drawing inspiration from Japanese origami art. The collection showcases precise textile designs, including a captivating Anthurium print that represents its core theme. With a bold colour palette and elements like zips, flowers, and mesh, it pushes fashion boundaries. Similar to origami shaping paper, Découpage sculpts textiles into stunning silhouettes, reflecting origami’s essence in its colour choices. This concept merges art and clothing, challenging fashion norms and promoting self-expression.