Phoebe Ziebarth


Phoebe Ziebarth is an independent fashion designer from Melbourne, Australia. She studied at the Whitehouse Institute of Design where she developed her design philosophy of manipulating unconventional structures challenging a juxtaposition between the body and the silhouette.Arousing curiosity, Phoebe works with exaggerated silhouettes and an intricate fabric selection detailing the experience of the collection. Her artistry is exhibited through the exploration of postmodernism along with surrealist values heightening the theme of the collection to have an abstract realm of its own. With a curiosity of forming a metamorphosis between sculptural and exaggerated elements, Phoebe’s work presents a showcase of structured looks unlocking unbridled creativity and innovation.

Design Statement:

Phoebe’s collection “Your Dreams Are Mine, My Dreams Are Yours", creates a fantasy world heightened by the garments. The reality of the garments contradicts the silhouette by the use of these bold and unconventional structures challenging traditional clothing. The pieces are designed to exist as a sculpture or object giving the garments this sense of life. The idea of juxtaposition clearly represents this contrast between the body, garment and nature vs artificial bringing this collection into an abstract realm of its own. Phoebe’s creative process has significantly revolved around the exploration of blurring the lines between sculpture, art and fashion to achieve this new innovative look.