Que Martin


Raised in Kalgoorlie, WA, Que Martin is a multidisciplinary fashion designer and illustrator. She has a passion for creating impactful narratives through playful concepts influenced from her Russian heritage. Que’s mother’s stories of adversity while growing up in Kyrgyzstan has significantly inspired her design language. Intertwining the history and culture of community into wearable pieces of art that showcase unique prints that feature her original illustrations. She is passionate about creating sustainable, adaptive, and innovative designs. Through use of unconventional materials and 3D tactile textures, Que creates sports luxe garments that redefine streetwear.

Design Statement:

“Space Race” capsule collection embraces the exploration of artistic expression vs oppression, fusing cultural and social influences with the space age period reflecting the dynamic and complex possible future of society. A celebration of the evolution in sports luxe streetwear, incorporating traditional boxy silhouettes with delicate and fragile textiles, creating a contrast that is both masculine and soft. Que draws inspiration from Russian constructivism and Soviet bus stops, the collection incorporates elements of Soviet mosaics through digital printing, resulting in a vibrant and dynamic visual language. Playing with textures, Que has created her own fabrication through bonding layers of scuba to make 3D tactile shapes. As a child Que watched a Russian 80’s Sci-Fi film, “Our guests from the future”, where a young, selfless, and intellectual Russian boy, walks through a door that had people all from different parts of the future and Universe. This idea is expressed through the playfulness and childlike colours through the designs. Each body is a different “Guest” from the future, allowing each body to have unique qualities.