Ranya Gillamac


Ranya Gillamac is an emerging Sydney-based fashion designer who is always fascinated by the deconstruction and reconstruction of garments. A futuristic outlook on the 90’s has been integral in the development of her garments, which reflect Ranya’s design flare. Working with modular pieces that can be changed by the user and incorporating rich denim texture in her garments. With an appreciation of uniqueness she heavily focuses on fabric experimentation and manipulation to create exclusive prints and patterns; giving her garments line, direction and texture. Ranya was awarded Student and Designer of the Trimester awards during her studies. Ranya is a dedicated and committed student who is driven to improve her skills for future design endeavours.

Design Statement:

‘Metallum’ explores the fusion of recontextualised man-made materials with aviator archetypes. This collection involves the deconstruction and adaptation of the shape and form of metal, into structural utilitarian pieces. Furthermore, rich textures of up-cycled denim, exclusive print design, hardware and eco-fabrication are incorporated to showcase sustainability and wearability. The main fabrication includes charcoal taffeta, hand-foil pleated cotton drill and organic cotton fleece. ‘Metallum’ confidently appreciates feminine and masculine silhouettes that derive from the structural form of metal, balanced with exaggerated parachute draping volume. The similar tone colour palette of blue, grey, silver and a pop of orange creates an rustic industrial aesthetic.