Salina Iacono


Salina Iacono is an independent graduate fashion designer from Melbourne, Australia.Her fascination for exploring garments into a newfound diverse article enables the wearer to showcase their empowerment. Iacono’s collections have a newfound vision of blending elements that are categorised as contrasting (eg. Feminine and Masculine), pushing expectations and boundaries to form a breath of fresh air within the industry. While creating these garments, the aspect of “traditional tailoring” is incorporated to expose the clashing with corsetry, which has been prolonged due to the feminine features, but also the emasculating feeling of subverting the everyday patriarchal business suit.

Design Statement:

An alliance between traditionally masculine and feminine tailoring, the ‘Permanent Fatale’ capsule collection incorporates the art of corsetry into menswear. In this newfound context, the corset is expressed as a diverse and empowering article. Split into three parts, this showcase honours the notorious corset-maker Mr. Pearl. The concept of this collection derives from the previous notion of branching sexuality with gender into other art forms of garments, by breaking that stereotypical barrier to create a fluid, confident environment. The main relationship of a corset is “meant to empower... like you’re walking on air”, the construction of this garment is a slow and crucial process to outline the feminine physics of the body, while maintaining the allure of comfortability, but wearable on a regular basis.