Sara Regan


Sara Regan is an emerging multi-disciplinary creative based in Melbourne predominantly in the music industry. Sara has a keen eye for fashion styling, graphic design, social media, and photography which has been combined into her brand Elytssara. The up-and-coming creative continues to immerse herself in new challenges to push her creative skills, especially in the fashion and music industry.  Her abiding interest in the field saw her pursue opportunities with artists nationally and worldwide and create her own music/fashion publication Unraveled Edit. Her work has already been featured through respectable names such as Vogue, Rolling Stone Magazine, 1883 Magazine, The Sphere and Universal Music. Sara’s unique approach to design and concept creation has led to award-winning outcomes and continues to pursue this direction for her clients through a range of different projects.

Design Statement:

Unraveled Edit is an Australian Music Magazine. Founded in 2023, by Creative Director, Stylist and Photographer Sara Regan, she continues to celebrate music through exclusive photoshoots and coverage of upcoming events, releases and artists. Inspired by the adaptability of lyrics into colours, textures, graphics, design, styling and photography, this issue celebrates this strong connection between an artist and the accompanying visual campaigns with their listeners. Unraveled features five key artists with exclusive photographs dedicated to their recent release/campaign with an in-depth exploration of the artist behind the lyrics and exclusive collectable items. In this project, Sara undertook photography, fashion styling, set design, colour palette generation, graphic design (tickets, posters, stickers and editorial), creative direction and production which all led to the exclusive issue of Unraveled Edit.