Sari Kane


Sari Kane is a Photographer and Stylist with a passion for image retouching and editing, with a particular interest and specialisation in fashion and makeup editorials. With an interest in blending vintage allure with a contemporary flair including retro silhouettes, geometric shapes and clean lines. Sari is known for featuring high contrast imagery and a sophisticated aesthetic, influenced heavily by retro suiting and high contrast colours. Sari aims to create visual narratives with a modern allure and timeless sophistication that involves fun pops of colour while still creating highly sophisticated images.

Design Statement:

"On The Move" is a concept that transforms the mundane tasks of travel and commuting into an elevated, stylised fashion and beauty editorial. At its core, it romanticises the act of traveling by infusing fashion and traffic elements with an aesthetic appeal. Drawing inspiration from the world of race-wear, nostalgia, and womens suiting. This concept is an exploration of Sari’s style characterised by high-contrast colour palettes and a clean, crisp photography approach, "On The Move" captures elevating the ordinary into something extraordinary. Concept development, photography, styling, videography, sourcing, editing, graphic elements and illustration all by Sari.