Shannon Read


Shannon Read is an emerging multi-disciplinary creative based in Sydney. Her work is known for its use of a warm colour palette and a modern, minimal approach. She experiments with contrasting textures and organic forms in her projects, drawing from her inspiration of nature. With an interest in still life, fashion, beauty and food, she has developed her creative skills in creative direction, styling and photography. Shannon is passionate about editorial design, aiming to create unique visual narratives throughout her styling.

Design Statement:

"anthophile” is a still life and fashion editorial that depicts the soft language of flowers, alluding to a sense of femininity. Flowers bring a sense of happiness to our lives each with its own unique appearance and traits, quite like our personalities. “anthophile” highlights how the beauty and vitality of blooms mirror the strength and grace of the feminine spirit. The narrative explores the juxtaposition of ice's texture, characterised by its cold and hardness, with the soft nature of petals. It examines the tactile sensation of ice's chilliness, showcasing the intriguing interplay and contrast between its rigidity and the intricacy of flowers.