Sophie Hiscock


Sophie is an emerging Brisbane based fashion designer. Her primary source of inspiration comes from her family lineage, specifically the line of women on her mother's side of the family who were milliners, seamstresses, and highly elegant individuals. Sophie has a fascination with the evolution of women's fashion, re-interpreting traditional dress making techniques and proportions into modern and sophisticated silhouettes. She celebrates the women of history who have been a source of inspiration for the empowerment and freedom of contemporary women through her designs. She combines strong, natural shapes with exquisite and opulent fabrics and textures.

Design Statement:

Violet is a thoughtfully curated collection that pays homage to the essence of womanhood. The garments reveal what is typically concealed, employing delicate and sheer fabrications such as silk organza, lace, and silk georgette. The collection effortlessly fuses elements of intimate apparel and formal evening attire, melding snug and transparent elements with amplified proportions to craft modern women's fashion silhouettes. The juxtaposition of delicate, sensual fabrics with bold, powerful shapes celebrates the duality of femininity—where women can embody both demure softness and strength simultaneously.