Sophie Roche


Sophie Roche is an emerging stylist and accomplished photographer based in Sydney. Sophie’s diverse skill set encompasses photography, styling, graphic design, illustration, and videography. Her portfolio extends across the fields of food, product styling, fashion, and beauty. Growing up in the suburbs of Sydney, Sophie’s deep appreciation for nature has heavily influenced her work, with natural elements and earthy textures playing a significant role. Her unique style incorporates neutral colour palettes with bursts of vivid hues, resulting in playful and imaginative imagery. Sophie incorporates whimsical anecdotes throughout her imagery and lyrical lines within her illustration. Explore more of her work at @bysophieroche, on Instagram and

Design Statement:

‘Allure’ invites you to explore the timeless elegance intertwined with the enchantment of simplicity. Captivating childhood memories of fairy tales, and playing in the garden, narrated through botanical motifs, vibrant hues, and whimsical fashion— captivating a story of imagination and playfulness through quirky anecdotes. Subtle botanical accents, textures, and soft makeup transport you to the playground of nostalgia, evoking an ethereal atmosphere. “Allure” is a realm where fantasy and luxury seamlessly blend. It delves into the realms of memory, creativity, and enduring beauty— a timeless narrative that celebrates the magic of simplicity and elegance.