Stella Campbell


Stella Campbell is a multi-disciplinary creative based in Sydney, with skills that span across photography, styling, cinematography, illustration and creative direction, her work extends across a variety of facets within the worlds of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Stella’s identity as a creative is underpinned by her passion for self-expression and storytelling. The evolution of Stella’s creative journey trace back to her upbringing on a farm, where she cultivated a deep connection with nature. The lens of the camera becomes the medium through which the synergy between her background and present journey within the fashion world blooms, capturing the interplay of textures, colours, and designs.

Design Statement:

‘POSIS,’ stands as a testament to her commitment to storytelling and empowerment. Through immersive visuals and video, ‘POSIS’ explores the profound connection between women and horses, merging high fashion with bold self-expression. Nostalgia for a time of deeper natural connection runs through the project, celebrating women’s agency, freedom, and their untamed connection to nature. It ultimately underscores the enduring spirit of empowerment and exploration within women, akin to Poseidon’s creation of horses from the sea, highlighting the profound link between femininity, freedom, and the untamed beauty of the natural world. Each photograph captures not only the interplay of textures, colours, and designs but also the essence of a narrative that binds her upbringing to her creative evolution.