Stella Hagan


Stella Hagan is a Photographer and Stylist born in Melbourne, Australia. Her skills include photography, styling and illustration. Her unique application of print, and use of positive and negative space have influenced her minimalistic, yet sophisticated design aesthetic. Playing on stereotypical feminine and masculine elements, Stella aims to push the boundaries of normality through aspects of styling and photography. Driven by her passion for design and Illustration, she believes that visual art is the truest form of communication when expressing thoughts and feelings of change.

Design Statement:

In the ethereal realm of fashion and beauty, the editorial campaign titled 'Fated' emerges, weaving together the interplay between light and dark. Inspired by the boundless freedom embodied by the avian world—the life of a bird becomes the central motif, portrayed through visual aspects including photography and illustration. Birds, with their graceful flight, embody a spirit of unbridled freedom that transcends the constraints of today's society. The concept of incorporating these creatures into the design aesthetic of 'Fated' is a celebration of freedom. Much like the contrasting elements within the editorial, birds embody the duality of existence, they soar freely in the boundless skies, yet remain tethered to the earth by the pull of gravity. The campaign utilizes the motif to explore the relationship between light and dark. The vibrant, iridescent feathers of a bird in flight serve as a metaphor for the luminous aspects of life, where beauty and fashion intertwine. Creative Direction, Photography, Styling and Illustration credited by Stella Hagan.